Bizarre = Offset

I like old books more than the new ones.

Zombee Fly working papers


Initial working papers:image


The ink was applied on the reverse side of the drafting film:


A lot of attention was paid to the position and number of hairs on the fly:


Finally, the carbon dust was brushed on to the front side and burnished into the film. Dust was removed easily using a click eraser. The ink shows through the dust, making this an easy medium to shade over a detailed ink drawing:image


See the final illustration

Anonymous asked: You know there's a difference between you and others as my friends, I pay attention to what you say, like to a guide or something g.

I have been told this and I try to pay as much attention I can to be telling you things responsibly. But this does never mean that I am not mis-directed or could folly. In fact, going deeper than realizing superficial things makes it tougher to maintain the line between careful and careless.

“Study to be quiet; contain yourself within your own business, and let the prying, censorious, the vain and intriguing world follow their own devices.”

– Thomas à Kempis (via itsquoted)